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TracknLink focuses on providing better solutions for advertisers, Affiliates, Agencies and more. Its our achievement that Millions of URL shortners created so far using our platform.


We do offer awesome features in our tracknlink

Take your links to a new level with our technology

Custom Link's

Create your own brand links and track clicks on them

Secure Links

Our Short URL's are secured with trusted SSL. Every link created here is encrypted

Detailed Clicks Stats

Get detailed report of each and every click on your link including Device, Geo, etc.

UTM Params

Now map your UTM tags from google campaigns into your links for better analytics.

More than a link

Register now and unlock pandora box for your Links. Create custom branded links or map them to your URL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UTM Tags and how can i generate them?

    UTM parameters, tags or labels are snippets of code which are appended to the end of a URL so you can track information about your website's traffic sources. Tracknlink UTM builder is a tool that allows you to simply and quickly add these snippets of code to your links.

  • Yes, in stats section anyone can see total clicks with complete click report.

  • No, Tracknlink URL shortner and its inbuilt tools are completley free.

  • A vanity URL is a descriptive, memorable and pronounceable URL usually used to redirect URLs from one location to another. In the simplest terms, a vanity URL is a long URL that has been converted into a customized short link. A vanity URL can also be known as a branded Link or a custom short URL.


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